Energy efficient home for savings
The Group offers every household the possibility of saving on energy consumption by utilising solar energy. To date, hundreds of residential consumers have entrusted the Group with energy solutions, finding significant reductions in their family's financial budget.


Net Metering

Every household can now generate, store and use its own electricity. Through Net Metering Photovoltaic System you can produce and exploit your own electricity at home, with the help of an autonomous Photovoltaic system. If there is a surplus of kilowatt-hours, it is transferred to the next two months and the specific kilowatt-hours are deducted from the EAC account.

Virtual Net Metering

The Virtual Net Metering project allows residents with unsuitable roofs for PV installation to continue enjoying all the benefits of solar energy utilization, by installing a Photovoltaic system on another roof or plot.

The procedure
  • Visit on your premises to discuss your needs

  • Preparation of your quotation based on your energy needs

  • Application to EAC

  • E.A.C. approval (sign the installation agreement with E.A.C.)

  • Installation of the PV System

  • Control & Interface of the system to the grid

  • Photovoltaic System Maintenance

Are you eligible?
  • Eligible for a grant of €1250/kW with a maximum of €6250, are consumers who fall into vulnerable groups (five members-large families, people with disabilities, etc.)

  • Eligible for a grant of €375/kW with a maximum of €1000, are homeowners with a building permit issued before January 1, 2017. For residents of the highlands, the amounts are increased by 50%.

Secure low-cost and stable energy at home!

Net Metering...Sleep Tight...The Sun is Paying!


Photovoltaics (BIPV)

Traditionally, Photovoltaic systems are placed on the roof of a building or on a plot of land. In the case of a BIPV system, the solar cells or modules are integrated into structural elements or materials as part of the building structure. In this way, they replace a conventional building element, rather than being attached to it.

BIPV panels not only generate electricity but can also provide additional functionality to the building. For example, they can provide sun protection, thermal insulation, noise protection or security.

BIPV architectural solutions

Green Energy Group provides the Cyprus market with the top quality BIPV technology supported by the expertise of the top European BIPV technology vendors.


Electric Vehicle Chargers (EV Charging)

We specialize in EV Charging! Transforming the quality and method of vehicle supply by installing electric vehicle chargers throughout the island.

Experience electrification by installing a charger in your home.




  • Operating temperature up to 55 °C

  • Emergency stop switch

  • Installation at an altitude ≤ 2000 m

  • Moisture resistance 5% - 95% without condensation

  • User-friendly with LED indicator

The Procedure
  • Contacting one of our professionals to exchange information

  • Completion of the application form by the agent

  • Review and confirmation of the application within 2-3 days

  • Set installation date

  • EV charger installation and demonstration of basic functions


High-Quality Products

We provide comprehensive services in the field of cooling, heating and ventilation. With many years of experience and excellent technological expertise, we offer high-quality products and outstanding after-sales service to every customer.

As official partners of Panasonic and Carrier, in Cyprus, we cover the needs of every customer, offering fixed or mobile air conditioning units and Multi systems, dehumidifiers and ventilation systems.


Energy independence

We provide reliable and comprehensive energy storage solutions for the home. We utilize advanced technology storage systems to protect customers from electricity cost increases.

Consumers who have chosen to install photovoltaic systems from our Group have the possibility to maximize their self-consumption by installing a storage system.