Boasting many years of experience in Renewable Energy Sources, Green Energy Group offers integrated energy-saving solutions in Cyprus. Registered and approved by the Cyprus Energy Regulatory Authority (CERA) as an Electricity Supply Company since 2019 while having also participated in the Transitional Period of the Competitive Electricity Market since October 2022.

Strategic partnerships introducing innovative methods

Our Group consciously utilizes cutting-edge technologies, establishes partnerships with worldwide companies in the industry and implements the best practices throughout its range of services.

With its highly trained professionals, the Group provides integrated high-performance solutions for homes, businesses and investments in Renewable Energy Sources units, such as photovoltaic parks.

Integrated Energy Solutions

The Group manages all services offered in the energy sector, with vast experience and specialized staff. It develops large-scale projects in production and studies the development of energy storage projects. It covers all sectors of solar energy and in particular photovoltaic production, such as the utilization of Net Metering in residential installations, account offsets, self-production by commercial and industrial customers, installation and maintenance of large parks, etc.


We aim to become the leader in the wider field of energy with an emphasis on green energy and a catalytic contribution to the country's energy transformation, by offering our services and products to residential and business consumers.


Our main target is to provide innovative and integrated solutions for the implementation, management, operation and maintenance of large-scale projects, in the fields of Renewable Energy Sources, Saving and other Energy Resources.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

We enhance the quality of life of the citizens of Cyprus and invest for society as a whole.

We are moving towards the green transition of the Cypriot economy by introducing innovative technologies and green energy products to reduce CO2 emissions. We monitor global developments to synchronize our country's course with the planet's needs.

We have invested and continue to invest in renewable energy sources, with the implementation of large-scale photovoltaic parks, aiming to make a practical contribution to both saving the planet and improving living conditions.

So far, we have an energy portfolio with a capacity of 20.62MW, which is equivalent to a CO2 reduction of 30918 tons per year and 10713 fewer tons of recycled waste, and to achieve these measurements, 1420037.7 trees would be needed to absorb CO2.

Since 2022, we are members of Green Dot, AFIS Cyprus and WEEE Cyprus, the recognized Management Body of the Collective Management System of Waste Electrical and Electronic Items placed on the Cypriot market. Also, the Group implements an Integrated Environmental Management System, in accordance with the EN ISO 14001:2015 standard.