Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

We enhance the quality of life of the citizens of Cyprus and invest for society as a whole.

Invest in planet and in society as a whole

We are moving towards the green transition of the Cypriot economy by introducing innovative technologies and green energy products to reduce CO2 emissions. We monitor global developments to synchronize our country's course with the planet's needs.

We have invested and continue to invest in renewable energy sources, with the implementation of large-scale photovoltaic parks, aiming to make a practical contribution to both saving the planet and improving living conditions.

Our energy portfolio, so to date, has a capacity of 20.62MW, which equates to a CO2 reduction of 30918 tonnes per year and 10713 fewer tonnes of recycled waste, and to secure these metrics would require 1420037.7 trees to absorb C02.

As a member of Green Dot, AFIS Cyprus and WEEE Cyprus, the Group synchronizes the country's progress with the needs of the planet. The Group implements a Consolidated Quality Environmental Management System, by 14001:2015 standards.