Photovoltaic Parks

Investing in cutting-edge technologies
We are pioneers in the Study, Design, Planning, Management and Maintenance of the largest photovoltaic parks in Cyprus, with a clientele of over 40MW. We manage and operate, simultaneously, privately owned PV parks, with a total capacity of 20.62MW.


Project Development & Installation

We undertake the entire project licensing process, such as the issuance of building and planning permits, and operating and construction permits from CERA, for the initial and final EAC connection conditions.

We pre-construct and validate the final design of the photovoltaic park. Thanks to our highly trained professionals, we select equipment and materials. We present the final EPC proposal and proceed to the sign contracts. We also supervise the progress of the implementation of the project during construction, in accordance with technical requirements and deadlines.

We conduct all the necessary inspections prior to and during the initial period of operation until the project is fully delivered.



Investing for Optimum Performance

We apply studies such as electrical, mechanical, geological, techno-economic, structural, etc.

For us, optimal planning for the maximum placement of the photovoltaic panels within the blocks, as well as the choice of materials, is some of the main components that constitute the economic study.

The above studies ensure optimal performance during the lifetime of the investment, achieving the expected energy production but also helping to ensure that each project exceeds the projected performance, maximizing revenue and payback time.


For Maximum Energy Production

Utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as robotics, we maintain photovoltaic parks throughout the island's territory. We manage their performance electronically, through a dedicated platform, and ensure that we provide our customers with outstanding service.

Aiming to achieve maximum energy production and the smooth operation of photovoltaic parks, we provide remote monitoring services and 24/7 on-call service.

We proceed to preventive maintenance (electrical measurements, thermography, reporting, etc.) and any corrective maintenance actions, while at the same time ensuring that the panels and the environment remain clean by removing wild vegetation.