Integrated solutions with a green footprint
The Group has worked in several large-scale projects of commercial and industrial nature. The Group has developed a range of products to meet the modernization needs of companies, with a view to ensuring the smooth operation of businesses and providing integrated solutions.


Net Billing

The Net Billing is the scheme within which commercial or industrial premises can produce their own electrical energy via a Photovoltaic System and therefore save energy from their consumption while any produced energy surplus injected to the EAC grid will be credited to their electricity bills.


The scheme includes any commercial or industrial premises with increased consumption appertain to this scheme and the permitted installed capacity range is between 10,4kW to 20MW.

Virtual Net Billing

The Virtual Net Billing scheme enables businesses to install a PV system, through virtual net billing methods. The total available capacity begins at 150 kW.


The maximum output of each PV system can be increased up to 500 kW if an energy storage system is installed.

The Procedure
  • Visit on your premises to discuss your needs

  • Preparation of your quotation

  • Application for exemption from building permit in the municipality

  • Application for Preliminary Licence to CERA

  • Application to EAC

  • E.A.C. approval (sign the installation agreement with EAC)

  • Installation of the PV System

  • Inspection & Connection of the system to the grid

  • Application for Operation Licence to CERA

  • Maintenance of the PV system

Relax...The Sun is Paying!


Competitive prices and reduction of operating costs

We provide our commercial and industrial customers with competitive, reliable and sustainable alternative energy. We ensure their access to all the advantages offered by Photovoltaic parks and storage products. We power businesses, regardless of size, with affordable energy prices from RES and conventional units.


Implementation of projects and simultaneous financing

Green Energy is probably the first ESCo company that has registered into an Energy Performance Contract i.e. Energy Performance Contracts funded by third parties.


The aim of the company is to provide integrated energy upgrade solutions to industrial and commercial consumers.


Through the Energy Investment Fund affiliated with our Group, we undertake the implementation of projects and simultaneously their financing.

Energy Audit

Energy auditing involves the inspection and analysis of energy consumption, based on measurable data, and aims to identify potential energy savings.


It is a process that involves the usage of an electronic measurement platform, combined with energy-saving and renewable energy studies. The outcome of this process is the verification of energy savings following the implementation of the proposed project.


Charging at Public Areas & Private Workplaces

In cooperation with world-renowned suppliers, such as StarCharge, we supply and distribute excellent and high-quality products.
We provide DC chargers in the form of comprehensive and technological packages to commercial and industrial customers along with Technical Support and After Sales Services.


We operate smart and remote management to ensure ultimate charging control.

Baby Fast




Ultra Fast


The Procedure
  • Contacting one of our professionals to exchange information

  • Completion of the application form by the agent

  • Review and confirmation of the application within 2-3 days

  • Setting the installation date

  • EV charger installation and demonstration of basic functions


Official Partner of Panasonic and Carrier

As an official partner of Panasonic and Carrier in Cyprus, the Group is next to its customers.

We provide comprehensive services in the fields of cooling, heating and ventilation, which meet the requirements of every business.

With many years of experience and excellent technological know-how, we offer high-quality products and outstanding after-sales service.

  • Light Commercial air conditioning systems (Console/Under-Ceiling, Cassette, Duct & Free Standing)
  • Variable Refrigerant Flow
  • Central Air Conditioning Systems with Chillers, Heat Pumps & Water FCUs


Flexible use of electricity

Energy storage from photovoltaic systems provides the solution to the operational efficiency of every business.

The installation of innovative storage systems in businesses minimizes the supply of electricity from costly and polluting fossil fuels. Therefore, with the addition of energy storage systems in each building a balance in electricity demand and energy supply is achieved in order to cover the operational needs of every business that installs Photovoltaic systems in combination with a storage unit.