ALEO SOLAR – CATEGORY A3: “Photovoltaics for All”

Have you received your pre-approval for the sponsorship, CATEGORY A3: “Photovoltaics for All”? Η εταιρεία Suntechnics Ltd μέλος του Ομίλου Green Energy, συμμετέχει στο εν λόγω σχέδιο ( Οδηγός Σχεδίου ).
Take advantage of the sponsorship and install high quality and German ALEO SOLAR photovoltaic panels!

• 25-year product warranty
• 25-year performance guarantee (linear)
• 98% performance guarantee for the first 2 years
• 100% compensation of expenses in case of damage
• Resistance to extreme weather conditions – 8100 Pascal
• + 10-year inverter warranty

For more information press here -> ALEO