Corporate Social Responsibility and Green Energy in Primary Education

In today’s era, Corporate Social Responsibility is an important factor for businesses. Green Energy is on a mission to promote green energy and positively impact the environment. Through various initiatives, our Group demonstrates its commitment to contribute to sustainable development and inform the next generation about the importance of green energy.

One of the initiatives undertaken by Green Energy is visits to public and private primary schools in order to educate students about Green Energy. During these visits, specialized professionals from the company share their knowledge of practices and technologies related to green energy production.

Children have the opportunity to learn about renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power and understand the ecological impact of traditional energy production methods.

Through these visits, Green Energy promotes the awareness and education of children about sustainability and the need for sustainable energy solutions. It also encourages students to think creatively and look for new ways of producing and using energy. The company believes that it is important to create a new generation of young people who will be informed and active in the field of green energy, as it will take on the next phase of sustainable development.

The Project & Design Supervisor, Panagiotis Nicolaidis and the Marketing Manager of the Group, Rupina Asimenou, visited the schools 1st Primary School of Kato Polemidion & The Island Private School for a presentation entitled “The effect of energy on our environment”.

The hospitality, enthusiasm and contribution of both students and teachers played an important role in the entire organization and conduct of the presentation.

We want to thank the students for their wonderful discussions and drawings and for a very productive workshop. They give us optimism and motivation to continue our work on informing environmental issues in primary education.