Electrification as a key pillar of the new era

Green Energy Group is a vertically integrated group of companies which offers energy-saving solutions in Cyprus. One of its main offerings includes a complete range of EV charging solutions, for households, commercial, and public spaces.

By utilizing innovative solutions and products from well-known companies, such as SUNGROW, StarCharge and AUTEL Europe, we transform the quality and method by installing electric vehicle chargers throughout the island.

Our expertise electric mobility team, which counts many years of experience, strategically develops its goals, in line with the green development plan and the path to net-zero emission.


Personalized solutions

The Group provides customisable service packages – based on customer needs – which include the installation οf photovoltaic systems along with EV chargers that accordingly lead to cheaper electricity costs.

The main priority is to provide innovative, smart, safe and reliable charging solutions for electric vehicles for the home, work and public areas.

For the Home

Home EV chargers can deliver up to 22kW charging power to the vehicle. In addition to that, selected chargers for home use were also carefully tested to withstand moisture, dust and heat that may be encountered in the atmosphere.


  • User friendly multifunctional charging experience
  • Robust AC chargers
  • Extendable warranty
  • Load Balancing Options
  • Remote Management via App
  • Technical Support
  • After Sales service


For the Work

Regardless of an AC or DC charger, customers can manage their charging journey through a high-tech EV charging platform with customizable software management options like fleet management, monitoring charging history and other data. We enhance the EV charging experience, with the selection of strategic locations for the installation of public chargers, where drivers can do something productive while charging their car.


  • Customizable software management packages
  • Robust AC & DC chargers
  • Extendable warranty
  • Fleet management / User management
  • Technical support
  • After sales service


For the Public

A wide range of DC Fast chargers is provided to the public, which can deliver a power of 30kW to 400kW. Our Group has integrated its own EV charging platform, in order to offer a simple and easy user experience to the guest drivers.


  • Easy payments
  • Wide range of Fast charger options
  • Specialized EV charging platform management
  • Subscriptions and Promotional options
  • Fast support to drivers
  • Safe, Fast and Simple


Innovation in management

The Group has invested in the research and introduction of innovative electric vehicle charging solutions. A key point in the design of the service is the development of the Green Energy EV charging platform for live monitoring of the charging process.

It is a dynamic software for managing EV chargers with the possibility of “intelligent” control 24/7 from the user’s mobile phone, in private or public spaces, through an application.

In short, the EV charger owner or partner-user can control and manage the charging flow in live broadcast, ensuring the uninterrupted flow of electricity to the vehicle.


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