New Green Energy Website

The Green Energy group proceeded with a radical renewal of its image, and officially presents the renewed corporate identity, which is part of the overall renewal of the group.

This decision has been taken by the Management with the full support of the Group’s members since the Group’s development is rapid in the field of alternative “smart” energy sources. The Group officially participates from October 2022, in the transitional regulation of the competitive Electricity market in Cyprus. The supply of electricity to industrial and commercial consumers started as early as October 1 and will then be made available to residential customers as well.

The renewed corporate identity of the Group formally seals the rapid implementation of the 2023 strategic plan, where the group wants to offer integrated solutions to the Cypriot market in the Energy sector and lead to a new era of dynamic sustainable development.

The creation of a new website that represents the mission and vision of the Group was also important in the planning of the renewal.

The creation of a new website for the Green Energy Group brings with it a multitude of positive aspects and benefits for both the Group itself and its users.

Green Energy Group decided to create a new, high-quality website in order to strengthen its presence in cyberspace and offer an upgraded experience to its visitors. Through this new website, Green Energy Group aims to communicate its message of protecting the environment and promoting the use of renewable energy sources worldwide.

One of the main offerings of the new website is easier access and navigation for users. The clean, flexible and user-friendly interface will allow visitors to quickly find the information they need while providing a pleasant browsing experience.

The new website will provide an updated and extensive list of products and services offered by the Green Energy Group. This will allow customers to stay up to date with the latest products, technologies and innovations offered in the renewable energy sector.

Also another advantage of the new website is the ability for visitors to communicate directly with the Green Energy Group through an integrated chat system, and other channels. This will allow customers to resolve queries, receive technical support or make appointments for renewable energy installations.