6 new photovoltaic parks with a total capacity of 17.82MW

6 new photovoltaic parks with a total capacity of 17.82MW

Suntechnics, member of Green Energy Group, after successfully completing the two Photovoltaic Parks in Agios Ioannis Malountas in Nicosia, with a total capacity of 3MWp, continues to undertake new projects.

Suntechnics, as a leader of Photovoltaic systems, has taken over the project management, operation, and maintenance of the six new photovoltaic parks with a total capacity of 17.82MW. The photovoltaic panels that will be used have a capacity of 405Watt and come from one of the best manufacturers of photovoltaic panels in the world, the company, JA Solar. The technology of this photovoltaic panel is Bifacial where it further increases its efficiency by 5 to 10% compared to conventional ones. The single-axis tracking bases (Single Axis Tracker M-TRC-270) that will install the photovoltaic panels are from the well-known company Metaloumin where they will offer an increase in production of 15%. Huawei voltage converters are a pillar of stability and reliability in maximizing solar energy.

With the use of this specific PV system, a significant saving is provided in carbon dioxide emissions CO2 of 19,186,2 tons per year, which would require 599,738 trees to absorb them from the environment.

Suntechnics goal is to offer reliability and security to its customers

Parks will be funded by AstroBank, which contributes to its own way to the restart of the economy in the field of green energy and the environment.