611.31kWp Photovoltaic System at Petrou Bros Dairy Products Ltd Factory (Alambra)

Petrou Bros Dairy Products Ltd (Alambra), has made it their goal to raise awareness regarding the environment and save as many natural resources as possible. Based on their strive for quality and energy saving, the ALAMBRA dairy industry has entrusted the company of Suntechnics Ltd with the supply and installation of a photovoltaic system in its factory.

The project has been completed with a total installed capacity of 611.31kWp. The implementation of the project was supported by Q. Cell, with their exceptional high quality PV panels  Q.Peak Duo-G8 355Wp, which they import their produced energy to 6 HUAWEI SUN 2000 100 KTL inverters. The mounting structure installed, is the AS410P from Alumil, which optimizes the functionality of the panels.

The PV system will produce 920,000kWh per year, yielding a reduction of approximately 652 tons of CO2 per year, corresponding to 50,000 trees absorbing carbon.

By utilizing the Net Billing scheme, our customer ensures a substantial reduction in electricity consumption from the EAC network, thus achieving significant savings in their bills, and in the meantime, actively protecting the environment.