Two new photovoltaic parks

Suntechnics is continuing its operations with two under construction photovoltaic parks, located in Ayios Ioannis Malounta and Tseri.

Our company will not only be overseeing their completion but also will manage, operate and maintain the two new photovoltaic parks with a total capacity of 3.82MW!

The installed panels were made by JA Solar, one of the leading manufacturers of photovoltaic panels in the world! The Bifacial technology of the panels will increase their efficiency by at least 5%, while Metaloumin’s Horizontal Single Axis trackers will contribute to an additional 15% increase in production!

The combined 9454 panels, along with the 27 SUN2000 inverters, have been installed in both photovoltaic parks, thanks to Huawei, one of the most reliable manufacturers!

With the operation of these two photovoltaic systems, significant savings will be made in CO2 emissions, which are presumed to be up to 4,113 tons per year, which would require 128,567 trees to absorb them.

Energy saving and customer safety have always been Suntechnics’ priorities!