Will you be one of the 10? Join our contest now!

Will you be one of the 10? Join our contest now!

We are happy to present you the most favourable repayment options package for the installation of a photovoltaic system Net Metering up to 5kW. Exclusively by SunTechnics, a member of GDL Green Energy Group.

  • No mortgage needed
  • Small advance payment – From €870
  • Immediate installation of the system
  • Small instalment starting from €68/month
  • After the repayment you can save from €1000/year

Just say “yes” and you have nothing to worry about! SunTechnics will take care of all the rest! From the application till the installation of the system. Moreover, we will support you after the sale with high quality control and maintenance services. So, if you are considering to install a photovoltaic system and the way of payment held you back, this is your chance. LIKE and SHARE this post and take part in our contest. 10 of you will be lucky enough and will have the opportunity to install the photovoltaic system enjoying the most favourable repayment terms as mentioned above.

Relax and let the sun pay the bill.

Good luck!

The contest ends at midnight of 31st of May.

The winners will be announced in our Facebook page